Legends and plants

Drawn to its granite stone walls and pristine environment, I settled at La Maurelle in 1982. Since then I have endeavoured in bringing back to life this old farmhouse, always keeping sustainability and respect for the environment in mind.

Raised on a farm, I have inherited my great-grandmother’s recipes and knowledge about plants, which she herself had inherited from her ancestors. As a nature lover, over time, I have brought and listed more than 300 botanic species at La Maurelle.

Through walks and activities, I share my knowledge and experience, thereby contributing to preserving our botanical heritage and passing out ancestral know-how about domestic tasks, nutrition, clothing, and management of rural environment.

I propose a simple approach to gardening, encouraging the (re)discovering of vegetables and edible plants, aromatic and medicinal plants:

  • Plants in their habitat and how to care for them
  • Seasons and their tasks (propagation, cultivation, harvest, drying, preserves, usage)
  • Compost: the best recycling ever

Contact us for more info on nature-related activities.

Sincerly yours,

Monique Jacquemond

"Let me introduce you to garden delights, countryside flavours and the soul of the seasons."

A few dates

  • 1824Construction of the original house
    1888Construction of the original barn
    1889Construction of the bread oven and of the "sécadou" (chestnut drying shed)
    1936Alteration and enlargement of the original barn
    1983 - 1990Medicinal and aromatic plant farm
    1997 - 2003Organic group garden: Vegetable production and botanical activities
    1995 - 2015Country guesthouse
    Since 2015Nature-related and community-based activities